• Paul Gullett, Wave International

    Paul Gullett, Wave International


    “Don’t go reinventing the wheel... there’s a lot of wheels out there already,” said Paul Gullett of Wave International. “Instead of trying to create something from scratch, first have a look at other sectors. It helps to be open minded.” READ more

  • Erik Lanssen’s 80 million target

    Erik Lanssen’s 80 million target


    “My mission, my aim now, is to reduce Norway’s diesel consumption by 80 million litres,” said Erik Lanssen of Selfa Arctic. READ more

  • Europort 2017 Programme

    Europort 2017 Programme


    Europort, from 7-10th November 2017 in Rotterdam is a must attend event for ship owners, shipyard managers, ship designers, marine superintendants, fleet managers, ship brokers, technical engineers, naval architects and all other maritime READ more

  • Robin van der Bij: KML

    Robin van der Bij: KML


    “There’s an upward curve to negotiate when you start a new kind of pioneering project, you only have the existing kit of the time – and your ingenuity,” Robin van der Bij of KML told 'MJ'. READ more

  • Steve Cha: Intellian

    Steve Cha: Intellian


    Originally from another tech house, the concept for a new type of antenna had been a victim of takeovers Steve Cha of Intellian told 'MJ': “We thought of it as our baby and didn’t want to kill it.” READ more

  • Jayesh Vir: SAFT battery systems

    Jayesh Vir: SAFT battery systems


    Over the last couple of years French specialist company SAFT has supplied battery systems for a number of hybrids, including, notably, the 'Sir David Attenborough' research ship, CalMac’s ro-ro ferries and even megayachts “where you can’t ask READ more

  • The future of WFSVs

    The future of WFSVs


    What will the wind support vessels of the future look like? Stevie Knight finds out that it’s all surprisingly close. READ more

  • Guillaume Gautier: AXYS Technologies

    Guillaume Gautier: AXYS Technologies


    One thing Guillaume Gautier of AXYS Technologies has learned from managing teams at a distance is - close that distance as soon as possible. “If you send an email and there’s some kind of misunderstanding, if you’ve met they’ll probably just READ more

  • Looking for a place of refuge

    Looking for a place of refuge


    The recent episode off Lands End, UK, in which a disabled coaster was taken in tow by two RNLI lifeboats in the absence of a dedicated salvage tug points up the continuing demands to reinstate the four Emergency Towing Vessels (ETVs) that were once READ more

  • The unbreakable dreams of Bruno Tideman

    The unbreakable dreams of Bruno Tideman


    “There we were, three of us, trying to break up this old fuel tank with a sledgehammer. We even took a forklift to it,” said Bruno Tideman, of Tideman boats. “I thought, ‘if after all that we’ve only managed a few dents and scratches, this READ more