• Adrian Scales: Brookes Bell

    Adrian Scales: Brookes Bell


    Innovation, even when it can’t stop a tragedy, can still answer some “very human” concerns says Adrian Scales,Special Casualty Representative for international marine consultancy Brookes Bell. READ more

  • Simon Forrest: Nova Innovation

    Simon Forrest: Nova Innovation


    “The moon-race going on in the tidal energy sector” is more likely to be won by smaller, more dynamic firms according to Simon Forrest of Nova Innovation: “If you want transformation, don’t look toward big, blue-chip companies – they are READ more

  • Rémi Gruet: Ocean Energy Europe

    Rémi Gruet: Ocean Energy Europe


    “Tidal energy doesn’t have ‘issues’ – we only have challenges,” said Rémi Gruet CEO of Brussels-based Ocean Energy Europe. “We’ve managed overcome them with wind and solar energy, now we are going to do that with tidal power.” READ more

  • Entrepreneurship focus for naval sector trade fair

    Entrepreneurship focus for naval sector trade fair


    After the success of its sixth edition, in which Navalia became the first naval trade fair in Spain and Southern Europe, it now intends to become an essential meeting place for the sector, where participating companies can exhibit their latest READ more

  • Kristian Gøbel: Nautisk

    Kristian Gøbel: Nautisk


    According to Kristian Gøbel of Nautisk, onboard software developers should ask ‘what features do you never use?’ as much as 'what do you like?' READ more

  • Gerard van Raalte on dredging and environmental management

    Gerard van Raalte on dredging and environmental management


    “What we know now is that nature can do a lot of the work for you, if you bring in environmental considerations at the beginning,” said Gerard van Raalte, author, lecturer and recently, winner of CEDA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. READ more

  • Andrew Tierney: Pen Test Partners

    Andrew Tierney: Pen Test Partners


    “Workboats remain one of the most risky environments, they have to deal with bad weather and a range of tricky operations,” said Andrew Tierney of Pen Test Partners. “That desensitises people to lesser risks, risks that these days are much READ more

  • Paul Gullett, Wave International

    Paul Gullett, Wave International


    “Don’t go reinventing the wheel... there’s a lot of wheels out there already,” said Paul Gullett of Wave International. “Instead of trying to create something from scratch, first have a look at other sectors. It helps to be open minded.” READ more

  • Guillaume Gautier: AXYS Technologies

    Guillaume Gautier: AXYS Technologies


    One thing Guillaume Gautier of AXYS Technologies has learned from managing teams at a distance is - close that distance as soon as possible. “If you send an email and there’s some kind of misunderstanding, if you’ve met they’ll probably just READ more

  • Looking for a place of refuge

    Looking for a place of refuge


    The recent episode off Lands End, UK, in which a disabled coaster was taken in tow by two RNLI lifeboats in the absence of a dedicated salvage tug points up the continuing demands to reinstate the four Emergency Towing Vessels (ETVs) that were once READ more