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Diving & Underwater Services

Low cost underwater drone
The cost of exploring underwater can be high which is why the founders of Fathom set out to design a drone system that would allow cheaper access to the world below the surface. 07 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
Setting records in the Black Sea
A Surveyor Interceptor ROV from Sweden’s MMT has set new underwater records while being used for geophysical surveys to detect former land surfaces buried below the current seabed as part of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project. 11 Oct 2016 - Maritime Journal
The shape of things to come
Robots are being designed to go where no human can, and this includes the depths. But what will they look like? 04 Oct 2016 - Maritime Journal
DUC Marine and KOOLE join forces
KOOLE Mammoet Salvage and DUC Marine Group have combined forces for future salvage and wreck removal operations. 30 Sep 2016 - Maritime Journal
Saab Seaeye used for DNC Diving project
Netherlands-based DNC Diving deployed a compact version of a Saab Seaeye Cougar XT during its project to cut off 194 grouting hoses from 97 structures in 24 days. 20 Sep 2016 - Maritime Journal
ROV company launch
A new UK subsea company has officially launched with the announcement of its first contract. An independent company focussed on underwater integrity, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), surveying and subsea services for both oil and gas, and renewables, Rovco has secured a contract with a UK Marine Trust. 16 Sep 2016 - Maritime Journal
Safety milestone in a high risk industry
UK-headquartered subsea specialist Modus Seabed Intervention has recently announced that it has reached the safety milestone of over 1 million man-hours worked without an injury to personnel resulting in lost time. 16 Sep 2016 - Maritime Journal
Deep diving tank project
A proposed UK-based diving and underwater research tank named ‘Blue Abyss’ has been selected as one of the nominees in the ‘New directions’ category for the Enterprise Europe Network Awards. 16 Sep 2016 - Maritime Journal
Faster, cheaper and safer
There are a number of reasons the Port of Leixoes, Portugal needs to keep on top of its bathymetry, including – but not limited to - sediment transport. However, while it used to be a matter of loading up a vessel with survey equipment, these familiar methods are on the cusp of change. 25 Jul 2016 - Maritime Journal
Better-than-real view for divers
Augmented reality helmets are on their way to the commercial diving community – and the technology could assist salvage or rescue operations in bad visibility. 25 Jul 2016 - Maritime Journal
Quicker tank inspections
ROVs are now being used to look inside drinking water tanks without emptying them. 12 May 2016 - Maritime Journal
Answering the AUV dilemma
The AUV market is getting caught in the middle of contradictory requirements Luc Simon of France-based RTsys told MJ. At its heart there’s a truly elemental conflict: tidal flow and positioning. 12 May 2016 - Maritime Journal
Sulphur provides AUV breakthrough
One of the big issues confronting underwater craft has been the power source. Cables (literally) only get you so far, and established lithium ion batteries have been bumping up against certain issues: not just the expense but also power-per-kilo limitations which impact range. 25 Apr 2016 - Maritime Journal
Into the dark
“You always have to have a backup plan when working offshore,” Alain Sebregts of Holland-based C-Ventus Offshore Windfarm Services told MJ, and often the best are the simplest. 25 Apr 2016 - Maritime Journal
Space-age idea goes deep
It’s a game changing idea: rather than trying to tool a ROV up to the nines, why not deploy a ‘shuttle’ kitted out with the necessary payload packages cutting time, weight and costs? 25 Apr 2016 - Maritime Journal
Eel-inspired swimming robot
Norway’s Kongsberg Maritime and Statoil have signed an agreement with Eelume, a NTNU spin-off company, to accelerate new technology that they think will significantly reduce costs related to subsea inspection, maintenance and repair operations. 20 Apr 2016 - Maritime Journal
Kongsberg’s upgraded cameras
Norway’s Kongsberg Maritime has launched two new Colour Pan and Tilt Zoom (PATZ) cameras. The OE14-222 (PAL) and OE14-223 (NTSC) underwater CCD colour cameras provide completely enclosed pan, tilt and zoom functionality. 11 Apr 2016 - Maritime Journal
Warship discovery
After a 6 year-long-search for the ‘Rio de Janeiro’, a sunken German warship, Agder-Tech, A-Dykk, and Seabed-Services found the vessel sitting off the coast of Lillesand, Norway. 08 Apr 2016 - Maritime Journal
Deep Ocean drone
USA-headquartered Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. has revealed its newest addition to its family of underwater drones, the Phantom T5 ROV. 05 Feb 2016 - Maritime Journal
A year under ice
A robot that can remain under the ice for a year in order to measure the Arctic seabed’s varying oxygen profiles has been tested out below 4km of water. 02 Feb 2016 - Maritime Journal