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NATO ends Indian Ocean counter piracy mission
NATO has formally ended its counter-piracy mission off Somalia after a fall in attacks and in order to move its resources to pay closer attention to Russia in the Black Sea and people smugglers in the Mediterranean. 29 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
Defence fleet renewal
The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) has awarded Netherlands-headquartered Damen Shipyards Group a contract for two new Stan Patrol 4207 vessels. 18 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
60 knot interceptor
Irish boatbuilder Safehaven Marine is currently developing a newer, larger and faster version of its Barracuda range of naval and military interceptors. 18 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
Unobtrusive satellite tracker unit
Ireland-headquartered Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc. has launched a new satellite tracker unit called STINGR into the EMEA market at Intermodal Europe 2016 in Rotterdam. 16 Nov 2016 - Maritime Journal
TMG tackling changing threats
A former British First Sea Lord has backed The Maritime Group International’s (TMG) new security drive to meet rapidly changing threats worldwide. 17 Aug 2016 - Maritime Journal
Hercules sea trials
The latest of an order of fast patrol boats for Qatar has been undergoing seatrials. The Hercules 75 has been built to a design by BMT Nigel Gee, using Gurit composites, by Ares Shipyard in Turkey. 17 Aug 2016 - Maritime Journal
Suicide rammings off Europe’s coasts: A viable threat?
According to Allan & Associates, a Hong Kong-headquartered security risk management consultancy, the maritime dimension is often overlooked when assessing the risk of Islamist extremism in southern Europe. 10 Aug 2016 - Maritime Journal
MS&D: Strategies for Maritime Security at SMM
The responsibilities of navies and coast guards are becoming more complex and demanding. At MS&D, the International Conference on Maritime Security and Defence held in conjunction with SMM, high ranking experts will discuss current trends and future challenges. 05 Jul 2016 - Maritime Journal
Piriou built oceanographic vessel
The Moroccan Royal Navy (MRN) has entrusted French boatbuilder Piriou with the vessel design and build of its new 72m hydro-oceanographic and multi-missions vessel. 04 Jul 2016 - Maritime Journal
Retrofit air intake system
Veotec ltd, a UK-based air intake specialist, has supplied the UK’s Royal Navy with specially designed filtration equipment for its fleet of 20m GRP Archer Class P2000 patrol vessels. 08 Jun 2016 - Maritime Journal
New Damen MRAV range
Netherlands-headquartered Damen Shipyards Group has announced the introduction of a new range of Multi-Role Auxiliary Vessels (MRAV), during the recent Oceanographic Survey Vessel Conference in London 08 Jun 2016 - Maritime Journal
Dryad diversifies into weather forecasting
Dryad Maritime, which is probably best known as a private security anti-piracy consultancy for shipping has released WxConnect, a new scalable, managed weather forecasting service for ships and fleets. The launch of the service comes as latest figures from the International Union of Marine Insurance show that losses due to weather are on the increase. 31 May 2016 - Maritime Journal
Baltic maritime security
Baltic Sea nations are cooperating more than ever to ensure safety, security and sovereignty, but it is a complex environment, with threats seen and unseen on, over and under the sea. 17 May 2016 - Maritime Journal
More Stan Patrols for Nigeria
Following successful sea-trials, C&I Leasing Plc, a leading player in the Nigerian offshore support vessel market, has taken delivery of four SPa 1605 ballistic protected security patrol vessels from Netherlands-headquartered Damen. 16 May 2016 - Maritime Journal
Anchor guards
With the advent of GPS monitoring, checking the position of a vessel at anchor has become routine and whilst two new devices on the market will constantly monitor the position for anchor dragging they do a great deal more. Both of these new devices are full scale monitoring systems that can be used both at anchor and alongside to improve security. 18 Mar 2016 - Maritime Journal
Subsea cable security
According to a UK-headquartered trade body fibre optic submarine cable security is one key priority among cable owners, operators, and chartered vessels. 19 Feb 2016 - Maritime Journal
Security focus at SMM
This Year’s SMM show in the German port city of Hamburg in September is set to focus on maritime security in a dedicated exhibition hall (B8). 08 Feb 2016 - Maritime Journal
Body armour for the marine environment
Protection for Maritime environments can be difficult to choose, and it is often hard to know whether your body armour will fit the bill. UK-based SafeGuard has been working with Security Institutions involved in Maritime Security to offer a vest and helmet that it claims are well-suited to Maritime work. 08 Feb 2016 - Maritime Journal
Greek distribution
The Greece based agent Franman SA, has been appointed exclusive representative for Denmark-based boatbuilder Tuco Marine´s ProZero vessel line in Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, where Franman SA will be promoting the ProZero Boats. The boats are fast and light Patrol boats, Interceptors and workboats. 18 Jan 2016 - Maritime Journal
Outboard motor security system
Outboard Warden is the latest product to come from Irish engineer, inventor and founder of BoatWarden, Kevin Hennessey, and he has been perfecting his system for a number of years: "Police, marine insurers and boat owners confirm engine thefts are on the increase and thieves are getting bolder, but Outboard Warden will put a serious dent in their criminal activities," according to Hennessey. 15 Jan 2016 - Maritime Journal