SAFETY. TRUST. SHOXS. The industry’s most trusted supplier of shock mitigation seating technologies.

Trusted by the most demanding military agencies on the planet, vessel manufacturers and operators ask for SHOXS seats wherever a higher standard of safety, quality and reliability is demanded.

SHOXS seats were recently chosen by the Royal Navy to equip 60 new generation Pacific 24 RIBs following the world’s most exhaustive and scientifically valid evaluation of shock mitigating seats in history. Undertaken by the UK MOD, this first-of-its-kind evaluation was a multi-year process encompassing every aspect of shock mitigation performance.

The Result? SHOXS ultra-light and versatile technology unequivocally beat out all competitors, performing better in every tested scenario. Our industry-leading mitigation performance was achieved without needing adjustments for occupant weight.

WE LISTEN. We constantly hear from customers that we’re successful because we take the time to listen, understand and respond to their needs with functional designs that help boat crews accomplish their goals. As the fastest growing shock mitigation seating provider in the world, we offer the best support team with the fastest response time.

This is why the world’s leading vessel manufacturers choose to work with SHOXS, the safest and most trusted supplier of shock mitigating seats on the planet.

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