SMI announced a short webinar series focused on improved vessel efficiency and sustainability in the run up to the Seawork 2023 exhibition. Delivered by leading experts from industry and academia, the series covered topics such as the impact of the new regulations and guidance, vessel integration and underwater radiated noise.

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Session List

  • Webinar 1 - 8th March

Future Fuels - Viability of low carbon fuels and green technologies for shipping

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  • Webinar 2 - 4th April

Vessel Integration

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  • Webinar 3 - 11th May

New Emission Regulation & Guidance

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  • Webinar 4 - 6th June

Underwater Radiated Noise - An Unheard Emission

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This series was moderated by Tim Currass, Programme Director at SMI. Tim was joined by an expert panel of speakers in each of the above sessions.

Speakers from Webinar 4 are shown below.

Session 4

Underwater Radiated Noise: An unheard emission

The term “Clean Maritime” addresses all pollution sources into the ocean, one lesser known but incredibly influential source is noise pollution, or Underwater Radiated Noise (URN). 

Whether it is engine noise from ships or pile driving for new offshore infrastructure URN can have a huge impact on marine life and cause permanent damage or initiate habitat loss. Some localised regulations are already in place such as in Vancouver in Canada, but it is now being discussed on a global stage at the IMO with guidance documents having been updated earlier this year.

This session discussed the engineering solutions to the challenge including, how we can take best practice from other sectors, cutting edge academic research generating novel approaches, how we can capture more data on commercial vessel noise, and how to design better components including understanding how electrical noise can create URN.

All sessions from this series are available to watch on-demand.

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