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SMI are pleased to announce a short webinar series focused on improved vessel efficiency and sustainability in the run up to the Seawork exhibition in June. Delivered by leading experts from industry and academia, the series will cover topics such as the impact of the new regulations and guidance, vessel integration and underwater radiated noise.

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Session List

This series will be moderated by Tim Currass, Programme Director at SMI. Tim will be joined by the expert panel of speakers below for the next webinar in the series.

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Vessel Integration

In April 2018, IMO members agreed on a target to cut the shipping sector’s overall CO2 output by 50 percent by 2050 compared to 2008. Whilst much focus to date has been on the individual technologies and fuel debates, in order to meet the IMO targets the solutions will need to be integrated into the vessels. This vessel integration will require consideration of the challenges throughout the lifecycle of the vessels; from design and build right the way through to disposal.

For the maritime industry to reach its 2050 targets and continue to manufacture ships for the future it is imperative that all lifecycle phases are considered and that the embodied carbon is accounted for, allowing the correct equipment selection to be made. The talks in this session will provide examples of recent ship integration challenges as well as outlining the tools and decision processes required to understand the impact of the different options.

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