Tenders are invited for the renovation of the historic Lightship NORDERNEY as an exhibition ship for German museum.

MCJ Ref No: 1320/E/16 
Project Stage: Tenders Invited
Area: Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Promoter: Stadt Wilhelmshaven - Eigenbetrieb Technische Betriebe Wilhelmshaven (TBW), Freiligrathstr. 420, Wilhelmshaven, 26386, Germany
E-mail: thomas.jordan@wilhelmshaven.de



Profile: Renovation of the historic building fabric of Lightship NORDERNEY, built in 1907, in line with monument regulations and expansion and conversion for future use as a lying museum and exhibition ship for the Coastal Museum in Wilhelmshaven. The scope of services includes the transport from the current berth at Nordfrost in the connecting port to the future berth at Nord-Gazelle Bridge on the Ems-Jade Canal in the Great Port. A towing via a federal waterway must be applied for at the WSA Weser-Jade-Nordsee. This requires proof of swimming, towing ability and insurance. The ship is in poor condition, has no valid certificate of buoyancy and the seal cannot be restored. Towing at sea on your own keel is not possible in this condition. Alternatively, transport with a dock ship or a diving barge is possible. All services, approvals, insurance, personnel and other ancillary costs required for the transport are included in the contractor’s scope of services. The procurement documents are available unrestricted at:


Tender Details: Open Procedure
Dated: 24/08/2022
Tender Deadline 9/22/2022 - 11:00 Hrs




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