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Stage V Marine Engine

FPT C16 600 Stage V Marine Engine
It’s the heavy-duty configuration developed on the same base engine of the C16 1000hp.
We designed this engine to bring top performances and reliability at a low operating costs in application such as cargo vessels, tugboats, fishing boats, trawlers and work boats.
Thanks to passion and hard work of all marine team, we reached BIC fuel consumption, improved durability of 33% increasing also the maintenance period of 25%, both vs main competitors in the market.
Moreover, we know that you don’t want waste time when you are working so we also focused on the engine performances; it translates into increased cruising and maximum speed for various operating conditions.
The C16 600 hp provides the maximum torque of 2.680 Nm at 1.300 rpm that is very useful during work operation and maneuvering.
The C16 project, both for 1000hp for the pleasure and light commercial application and 600hp for the heavy duty commercial application, have been developed with the latest technologies for the maximum reduction of noise and vibration and to guarantee a low environmental impact complying with the main international emission legislations.