Rubb Buildings Ltd (Gallery)

Source: Wind Turbine Blade Improvements Structure A Rubb custom designed structure is going on an offshore adventure after being lifted into place to provide cover for wind turbine blade improvement and upgrade work. The building was transferred via crane from the dockside onto an offshore vessel. The custom designed building will support improvement and upgrade operations to wind turbine blades off the Kent coast in the outer Thames Estuary. This offshore building project was a direct request from a company which delivers integrated solutions for the offshore industry via a fleet of vessels which support offshore wind installations.

A & P Falmouth Ship Storage Building Rubb Buildings Ltd has a long history with the RFA Largs Bay ship – but she has set sail for Australia, complete with a new marine storage building on board. The Largs Bay was built at the famous Swan Hunter shipyard at Wallsend in 2002, where several giant Rubb hangars dominated the Tyneside skyline from the early 1980s until 2008. The Royal Fleet Auxilliary ship launched in 2003 and served with the UK Ministry of Defence from 2006

Harland and Wolff Rubb Buildings Ltd was tasked with designing, manufacturing and erecting two crane liftable buildings to cover offshore pile clusters. The two marine manufacturing covers from Rubb’s new ‘BLE Series’ feature spans of 30m and each measure 35m in length. To increase the overall internal apex height of the manufacturing bays to 20.2m, H&W asked Rubb to use a 7.3m high wall constructed out of 40ft containers as the building’s foundation. A custom designed supporting frame was created to hold the containers together and act as the fixing base for the Rubb BLE structures.