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The Commercial Marine Network, in partnership with Seawork and Maritime Journal, introduce 'Get set for Workboat 2050'. An online conference series of expert panels navigating the waters of decarbonisation compliance in the workboat industry. Looking at cost effective solutions to help you tackle the challenges brought about by regulatory change.

In association with The Workboat Association.

Owners, operators, fuel providers and engine manufacturers need to get on board with Workboat 2050. Growing pressures to decarbonise across all sectors of the marine industry mean it is more important than ever to understand the opportunities available to you, both short term and long term, in order to meet these mandatory targets. Incorporate the necessary changes into your plans now to ensure you are best placed to make the right capital expenditure decisions on repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Join our online forum of experts for a series of five free bitesize sessions!

Session 1 - 5 November 2020
Short term 2020 to 2025: Current biofuel choices & optimising existing diesel engines: using new fuels in existing engines.
Session 2 - 8 December 2020
Short term 2020 to 2025: Reengining & re-fitting the fleet; improved technologies for engine efficiency to decrease emissions including Tier III diesel.
Session 3 
- 9 February 2021
Medium term 2025 onwards: Vessel design & technologies for the future – Focus on new hull designs.
Session 4  - 6 May  2021 10:00-11:00 BST - BOOKING NOW OPEN
Medium term 2025 onwards: Vessel design & technologies for the future - Focus on
Propulsion systems: Hybrid Battery & Electric & SCR


Session 5 - Long term 2035 onwards: The future fuel race – battery, hydrogen, ammonia etc..
How do we go about commissioning a vessel in this changing environment?

Italian waterjet manufacturer Castoldi, synonymous with the highest standards of engineering & design, utilizing generations of experience and providing unique advanced technology and solutions.

Castoldi have generations of experience in waterjet engineering and design, and as an experienced boat builder Castoldi can also bring to the table installation know-how, advice, and support to all their customers.The Castoldi waterjet is the only system to offer an integrated gearbox providing very compact installations and both weight and space saving opportunities.

The benefits that can be obtained in terms of weight reduction, combined with the high efficiency of the Castoldi waterjet, grant a reduction in fuel consumptions and consequently in emissions.Castoldi are confident that they offer both considered design and superior engineering for all waterjet applications.

The Harbour Masters Association of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man enjoys a longstanding established relationship with all sectors of the UK Maritime Industry whilst engaging directly with the UK Government and its regulatory bodies. The UKHMA have a shared interest and commitment in the continuous improvement regarding the safety of all port marine operations within UK Ports and Harbours whilst sharing the desire in implementing and adopting enhanced regulation, safe working procedures and competence based training where identified as necessary.

The UKHMA continues to maintain and enhance the status of a respected and dynamic professional organisation with a voice that is heard both in Government and throughout the UK Maritime Industry. Moving forward we are anticipating an even closer working relationship regarding coordination and cooperation with all UK Maritime interests and organisations adding even more value in supporting our shared aims and objectives regarding best practice in UK Ports and Harbours.

The fundamental purpose of Maritime Pilotage is to ensure safe and secure transit of vessels using our ports, which in turn enhances environmental protection and port efficiency. The UKMPA represents around 500 Maritime Pilots in the UK who every day climb onto all types and sizes of vessels in UK waters, bringing their essential cargos through our ports in all weathers.

Currently in excess of 90% of goods coming into the UK arrives by sea. In this new post-Brexit era, many traders which traditionally sent their ships to European hubs for their goods to be re-distributed will now be sending their goods directly to the UK. This coupled with newly developed ‘Freeports’ around our coast may further increase traffic through our Ports.

With ever larger ships now using our Ports, it is now more important than ever to have the professional skills of a Maritime Pilot on the bridge of a vessel when it comes to our harbours.

The Society of Maritime Industries
The SMI's purpose is to be the voice and champion the cause, of our UK maritime engineering, marine science and technology and business service members.
They promote and support companies which design, build, refit and modernise ships, and supply equipment and services for all types of commercial and naval ships, ports and terminals infrastructure, digital technology, maritime defence and security, marine science and technology, maritime autonomous systems and marine renewable energy.

Register now for the third online conference in the series on Thursday 6 May 2021 at 10:00-11:00 BST


For more information on attending, speaking at, or sponsoring our 'Get Set for Workboat 2050' online conference series, please contact the team on +44 1329 825335 or email

"We hope that you enjoy our new Commercial Marine Network online conference series. Take the opportunity to raise your questions directly with the panel experts, whilst benefitting from the information being presented and discussed." - Jake Frith, Editor, Maritime Journal