• Ugo Pavesi: Transfluid

    Ugo Pavesi: Transfluid


    When it comes to hybrids, Ugo Pavesi doesn’t want anyone to think that Transfluid does something ‘special’. READ more

  • Peter Van Bruggen: Projectwise

    Peter Van Bruggen: Projectwise


    Despite Tanzania’s many lakes and waterways, there was a time that buying a locally built, commercial vessel “was impossible”, Peter Van Bruggen of Dutch-based Projectwise told MJ. “In fact, it was the same story across the whole of East READ more

  • Walter Van der Pennen: EST-Floattech

    Walter Van der Pennen: EST-Floattech


    “When I tried to tell people that electric-hybrid vessels were the future, I kept on hearing ‘Why batteries – what’s wrong with diesel?’ Or ‘Yeah well, maybe climate change doesn’t really exist’,” Walter Van der Pennen of READ more

  • Fabio Buzzi: FB Design (Italy)

    Fabio Buzzi: FB Design (Italy)


    “There’s a continuous fight - you always have to accept a compromise between a beautiful, fast line and efficiency from the engineering point of view,”said Fabio Buzzi, founder and owner of Italian FB Design. “Bring those together and READ more

  • Hervé Lapierre: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (France)

    Hervé Lapierre: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (France)


    “We’d had a lot of previous experience with dynamic positioned vessels, both cable layers and seismic research ships… But my real frustration was that the DP operations are basically a disaster in terms of fuel consumption and efficiency,” READ more

  • Cybersecurity to be a featured topic at SMM

    Cybersecurity to be a featured topic at SMM


    The MS&D conference, part of SMM, will take place on 6 and 7 September 2018 in the Hamburg Messe exhibition halls. READ more

  • Tom Eystø: Massterly

    Tom Eystø: Massterly


    Development toward autonomous windfarm support has already started, according to Tom Eystø, MD of Massterly, a new Norwegian joint venture between Kongsberg Maritime and Wilhelm Wilhelmsen. READ more

  • Adrian Scales: Brookes Bell

    Adrian Scales: Brookes Bell


    Innovation, even when it can’t stop a tragedy, can still answer some “very human” concerns says Adrian Scales,Special Casualty Representative for international marine consultancy Brookes Bell. READ more

  • Simon Forrest: Nova Innovation

    Simon Forrest: Nova Innovation


    “The moon-race going on in the tidal energy sector” is more likely to be won by smaller, more dynamic firms according to Simon Forrest of Nova Innovation: “If you want transformation, don’t look toward big, blue-chip companies – they are READ more

  • Rémi Gruet: Ocean Energy Europe

    Rémi Gruet: Ocean Energy Europe


    “Tidal energy doesn’t have ‘issues’ – we only have challenges,” said Rémi Gruet CEO of Brussels-based Ocean Energy Europe. “We’ve managed overcome them with wind and solar energy, now we are going to do that with tidal power.” READ more