• Julien Le Feuvre: Dometic

    Julien Le Feuvre: Dometic


    “It’s all about keeping people warm in winter, cool in summer – that’s the same, whether it’s a leisure or work boat,” said Julien Le Feuvre of Dometic. “But crossing over, we had to adapt to different priorities”. READ more

  • Kimmo Rauma: Danfoss Editron

    Kimmo Rauma: Danfoss Editron


    Kimmo Rauma of Danfoss Editron, the company that helped bring hybridisation to the Estonian Police and Border Guard, is more than happy that the results from its latest installation onboard the 4.3MW ‘Ellen’ will be openly shared. In fact, he READ more

  • Mervyn John ‘Jack’ Gaston: 1941-2019

    Mervyn John ‘Jack’ Gaston: 1941-2019


    Following the recent passing of MJ’s former Tugs and Towing correspondent we take a more detailed look back at the life of this key contributor to both the magazine and the industry as a whole. READ more

  • Dirk Illegems: Dockmate

    Dirk Illegems: Dockmate


    “Five years ago, we had no help at all from any of the other product manufacturers,” said Dirk Illegems of Dockmate: that’s particularly troublesome if you’re producing a highly integrated system. READ more

  • Kevin Rough: Daniamant

    Kevin Rough: Daniamant


    Kevin Rough of Danish headquartered Daniamant is getting used to pushing for change. But, he admitted, “it wasn’t something I was originally looking for”. READ more

  • Cornelius von der Heydt: Hydrogenious

    Cornelius von der Heydt: Hydrogenious


    Hydrogen as a fuel for support vessels? “People worry about safety,” said Cornelius von der Heydt of German-based company Hydrogenious. However, there is a form “that’s even slightly easier to handle than diesel... and it’s liquid at room READ more

  • Angelo Bovo: Veritas SPA

    Angelo Bovo: Veritas SPA


    The ubiquitous waste collection boats seen around Venice, 130 of them in all, are getting a makeover: one of the original designers, Angelo Bovo of Veritas SPA, admitted it’s “satisfying” to get another shot at it. READ more

  • Dor Raviv: Orca AI

    Dor Raviv: Orca AI


    We now need ‘eyes’ able to spot trouble in the most crowded waters, says Dor Raviv of Orca AI. READ more

  • Jonas Pedersen: Tuco Marine

    Jonas Pedersen: Tuco Marine


    It’s not just about high-tech materials or modularity “but both together” Jonas Pedersen of Tuco Marine Group told MJ. READ more

  • Ulf Kanne: Charged with our future

    Ulf Kanne: Charged with our future


    For Ulf Kanne, Green propulsion and investment expert, we may be closer to the end for internal combustion marine propulsion than many think.   READ more