Fairplay deepsea fleet gets a massive boost!

Fairplay 33 and its sister ship will significantly boost the Fairplay’s deepsea activities. Fairplay 33 and its sister ship will significantly boost the Fairplay’s deepsea activities.
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Hamburg based Fairplay Towage has introduced Fairplay 33, the first of two powerful sisterships, to its oceangoing fleet.

Fairplay 33 was taken over from the builders Daewoo Heavy Industries SA of Mangalia, Romania, on 17 June of this year. The second tug, Fairplay 32, will follow in September.

Both vessels will operate under the flag of Antigua & Barbuda, and with a bollard pull of over 100 tons, will be the most powerful tugs in the Fairplay fleet. The tugs will be employed in the international offshore industry and to carry out long distance tows.

Fairplay 33 and its sister were initially ordered for use with the Harms Offshore tug fleet but were purchased before completion by a Hamburg based family. Early in 2011 it was agreed to operate the tugs jointly. Fairplay now owns Fairplay 33 and will fully manage both vessels. The well established basic design is similar to Harm’s Primus but with a number of important modifications intended to improve the vessel’s range and stability.

Designed for anchorhandling, deepsea and long distance operation, the tugs are also equipped for escort duties, fire fighting, stand-by work and salvage. Virtually identical twin screw vessels, Fairplay 32 and 33 were designed and built in conformity with Lloyds Register notations; +100A1 Tug, Fire-Fighting ship 1 with water spray, LMC, UMS.

The tugs measure 48.00m in length overall, with a breadth of 13.80m, a depth to the main deck of 7.00m and draught of 5.20m. A well tried hullform incorporates a forecastle two decks high, with extensive rubbing strakes and fendering along the sides and bow. A large clear after deck has an open stern and roller, carefully faired in to prevent fouling when towing at sea.

Two MAN STX 6L32/40 engines provide the power for the twin screw propulsion system, each generating 3,000 kW at 750 rpm for a total of 8,160 bhp. Power is transmitted to a pair of Lips controllable pitch propellers, each with a diameter of 3.20m and rotating in high performance fixed nozzles. Manoeuvrability is enhanced with the provision of twin ‘flap type’ high performance rudders and a 400 kW LIPS bowthruster. Single lever control is available via a LIPS joystick system. On trials in Norway the Fairplay 33 achieved a bollard pull of 103 tons and a maximum speed of approximately 16 knots.

A bunker capacity of 560 cu/m of Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) of 380 centistokes and 108 cu/m of Marine Gas Oil (MGO) gives the vessels an approximate duration at cruising speed of 30 days.

Electrical power onboard is supplied by two shaft generators each with an output of 640 kVa and two Cummins KTA19DM1GA powered auxiliary generators of 390 kW and a Cummins 6BT5.9DMGE harbour/emergency generator.

Included in the all important towing gear is a Hatlapa AH1000 double-drum ‘waterfall’ style towing and anchorhandling winch, with a maximum line pull of 100 tons at 15m/minute and 5 tons pull at 60m/minute. The winch is electrically powered and located in a fully enclosed winch house within the superstructure. The drums can accommodate one1,200m towline of 70mm diameter steel wire rope (SWR) and work wires of 800m or 300m of the same material. A powered reel for spare wires or pennants is located above the winch house.

A single set of Karmoy tow pins and a line handling fork of 3,000 tons SWL is fitted, along with two 10 ton tugger winches. The stern roller is rated at 250 tons SWL,

Approximately 155 sq/m of clear deck space, provided with cargo rails, is available for transportation purposes. A maximum deck loading of 10 or 15 tons is quoted at specifically strengthened crossbeams. Mountings with twist-lock fastenings are available to transport two standard 20 foot ISO containers. A hydraulic deck crane with a telescopic jib has a maximum capacity at full reach of 3 tons and can be used to handle cargo and stores.

The FiFi 1 standard firefighting equipment comprises two remotely controlled monitors mounted between the exhaust uptakes and a spray system of nozzles around the superstructure providing the usual ‘water curtain’ when operating in close proximity to a fire. Water pressure is supplied at 14 bar by two 1,200 cu/m/hr engine driven pumps.

A comprehensive outfit of modern navigational and communications equipment is installed, in keeping with a vessel designed for worldwide service. Fully air conditioned accommodation is provided for up to twenty persons, mainly in single berth cabins.

Quite recently, Fairplay Towage sold its last two deepsea tugs, Fairplay IX and XIV. Both vessels had served the company for several decades and were well respected in the towage industry for their reliability and the standard of service they offered. Unfortunately they were traditional single screw vessels that lacked the power and versatility required in the present day towage market (Maritime Journal – February 2011). The new Fairplay 32 and Fairplay 33 are worthy successors, capable of carrying out a wide range of services, as previously described.

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