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Manufacturer of connecting links for permanent connection of fittings with chains, wire rope, webbing in industry & PPE.

A Maillon Rapide quick link can be described as a mechanical connector composed of a rod and a nut. This specific device includes several shape, sizes and materials aimed at a simple and reliable mechanical connection.

Product manufacture is made through linear material transformation and assembly, processed on machine tools, some of which are developed in-house.

Cold processing on metal wire, while keeping mechanical properties unchanged, offers the possibility to obtain various product shapes: Standard (original quick link); Large Opening (extended shape); Delta (triangular); Square, and other specific shapes (Trapeze, Eyelet, Twist).

Quality insurance with raw materials suppliers is fundamental. A monitoring scheme enables a series of quality control through internal procedures on the whole manufacturing process. Stainless steel quick link products are individually checked.

Maillon Rapide® quick links used as connector on PPE (personal protective equipment) against falls from heights, mention a specific marking in kN meeting EN 362 standard requirements.

Apart from PPE, WLL items for permanent connection as a machinery part provide a safety factor of 5.

Individual marking is available for improved traceability on PPE Items.

The key towards demanding connection of chains, wire rope, harness, lanyard.

200 certified items, Made in France.


Maillon Rapide
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