Pinpoint Electronics Ltd

Pinpoint Electronics was established to distribute ‘new and innovative’ navigation, radio tracking and marine safety equipment. The company represents a number of manufacturers offering a portfolio of products to both the leisure and commercial sectors. These products include Weather dock's AIS technologies that was designed and manufactured in Germany.

These systems include rescue devices easyONE, personal AIS MOB locating device, easyRESCUE SOLAS approved AIS SART with combined DSC, live radio tracking devices used to track fishing buoys, divers, personnel and vessels. Also Class B easy AIS, AIS alarms and splitters to simplify and reduce the number of aerials. Life-Cell is a SOLAS approved buoyant, float free, storage device available in four different sizes and designed to hold all mandatory safety equipment (flares, EPIRBS,heliographs, torch).

Life-Cell also comes with the mounting bracket and lanyards, so users are not separated from the device. Pinpoint is an agent for Farsounder, a forward looking 3d sonar that allows a vessel to see ahead of the vessel and overlay this data onto charts.

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