La Benna Dragante debuts at Flood Expo

La Benna Dragante can be attached to any hydraulic excavator
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A new dredging tool which combines cutting with suction to tackle stubborn materials from land or water based excavators has been launched by Norfolk UK based boat builder Goodchild Marine.

Developed over a three year period in collaboration with Italian dredger and dredging equipment manufacturer Italdraghe, the innovative new dredging head has been named La Benna Dragante. It can be attached to any hydraulic excavator and can be used for a range of applications, including dredging in harbours, reservoirs and canals as well as removing debris from flood waters.

La Benna Dragante boasts simple installation, low costs and suitability for use on hard to access stretches of water. It is powered by the excavator’s own hydraulic system and incorporates a robust pump suitable for land based or floating use. A range of dredging heads are available to suit most applications and excavators, with the smallest capable of moving 380 cu m/hr while the largest can shift 1,400 cu m/hr.

La Benna Dragante made its debut at the autumn’s Flood Expo flood prevention exhibition and conference in London.

Goodchild marine MD Alan Goodchild said the idea for the tool had resulted from his company experiencing difficulties with the pump on its own dredger.

“When we built our own dredger, the Rufford, there were a few technical difficulties with the pump, especially when priming, so when we received an order to build a similar one we wanted to use a more efficient pump.

“After extensive research we discovered Italdraghe, who specialise in building dredgers, and together we worked on the MarinaMaster dredger, which was built in Italy to the Goodchild Marine design.

“It naturally led us to develop this product with a view to it being used by the likes of councils, government bodies, environment agencies and companies that provide flooding ervices and dredging equipment.

It’s the first time we have exhibited at Flood Expo and we hope it generates a lot of interest in the UK market. There is nothing else in the world like it, the design and production is a world first.”

By Larz Bourne

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