Hyundai SeasAll releases new range of engines

The Hyundai SeasAll L500 released recently will be followed by others The Hyundai SeasAll L500 released recently will be followed by others
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South Korea’s Hyundai SeasAll recently announced it will be releasing a new, compact, fuel-efficient range of engines suitable for smaller, semi-displacement workboats, over the next 18 months.

The first engine to be released will be a 12.7 litre six cylinder engine, rated for uninterrupted use at full power. The new range has been designed with fuel efficiency as a central focus and a stable performance at high loads, responding well to sudden load changes.

The maximum fuel consumption for the 12 litre L500 is 88 litres per hour, with the 10 litre H380 keeping its consumption down to 71 litres per hour through a fuel management system featuring electronic unit injectors (EUI).

Originally a crossover from Hyundai’s automotive applications, Ted Fagerburg, director of Hyundai SeasAll International Operations, explained that “durability has been achieved through innovations in more efficient cooling circuits as well as a corrosion-resistant design”.

He said that the new L500 engine follows on from the smaller 10 litre H380 “which has proved to be a very good seller in the domestic Korean market.”

Further, each engine is delivered with a smart self-diagnosis system and engine operating indicator. This will diagnose and control, using an audio alarm and LCD display alerting the operator to issues.

Alongside this, all the new engines will comply with Tier III certification depending on various countries’ requirements. The L500 will be RINA certified, as is the H380.

Mike Beacham, managing director, WaterMota who will distribute the engines, pointed out that increasingly, customers are asking for fuel consumption figures: “They want fuel efficient engines whereas previously this question was never raised. It’s an area where Hyundai SeasAll has made huge strides.”

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