Hydrographic survey sonar vessel order

hydrographic survey vessels High performance sensors and processors constantly produce and store high quality information that accurately represent the actual sea floor
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Tuco Marine Group will provide two hydrographic survey vessels with sonar equipment for DALO (The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization).

The bespoke vessels feature advanced sonar equipment. High performance sensors and processors that work to capture and process the signals as well as correct and manage multiform data streams constantly produce and store high quality information that accurately represent the actual sea floor.

“We are tremendously excited and proud that Defence Command Denmark has chosen us. We have been working hard and the signed contract really is a seal of approval of the technology and the products we have been developing and refining for years,” said Jonas Pedersen, CEO at Tuco Marine.

Composite materials

Based on Tuco’s ProZero concept, the boats are built from composite materials which aim to ensure low weight, high fuel efficiency and low emission of greenhouse gasses. They are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 25 knots under full loading conditions.

Replacing two older vessels, the boats will operate in Danish inland waters and feature specially designed hulls with a low draft capacity to enable them to carry out extensive operations over large areas of uncharted shallow waters.

The hydrodynamic profile of the hull reduces turbulence and vibration to prevent interference with the highly sensitive measuring equipment.


Jet drives, antiroll and directional stability are also key features of the boats, helping to make them agile, seaworthy and able to cope with changing weather conditions.

The vessels can carry two hydrography specialists and a helmsman.

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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