Wind farm light regulating technology improves safety and reduces community impact

Wind turbine light LIDS allows light intensity to be dimmed by 90% under clear skies conditions, to provide 10km or more of visibility. Credit: Technostrobe

New technology has been developed that reduces the intensity of obstruction lights on wind turbines to improve safety for nearby pilots and reduce the impact of the beacons on local communities.

LIDS (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution), developed by Technostrobe, is designed to effectively and safely adjust the intensity of the light on turbines at wind farms according to visibility conditions. Light intensity can be dimmed by 90% under clear skies conditions, to provide 10km or more of visibility.

Technostrobe said: “LIDS Technology is an innovative solution that adapts the light intensity of the beacons with current weather conditions. As visibility increases the lights’ output decreases.”

Successful testing

The company has been measuring visibility on wind farm test sites. During the trial, the visibility was measured as being greater than 10km, 83% of the time, thereby allowing the LIDSTM system to dim the lights by 90%.

At 1.6km visibility, the light is 2,000 CD, at 5km visibility, the light is 600 CD and at 10km the light is 200 CD.

The company added that the brightness of the lights are “increasingly becoming a point of contention between wind farm operators and their surrounding communities,” but with LIDS, local residents will see a noticeable decrease in light intensity, while pilots will still be able to see turbines in all conditions.

While the technology is being trialled on land currently, it could be used offshore in future.

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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