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Anniversary launch for Power Monitoring System

29 Jul 2008
Geislinger's new monitoring system can be used to optimise fuel consumption.

Geislinger's new monitoring system can be used to optimise fuel consumption.

German couplings and dampers for marine diesels manufacturer Geislinger celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with the launch of a new Power Monitoring System at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg.

An addition to a range which already includes damper, coupling and misfire monitoring, Geislinger Power Monitoring is based on twist measurement of steel drive shafts. These provide a certain elasticity and thus twist under engine loads and torsional vibrations, which the new system measures with sturdy measuring gear rings and robust inductive sensors.

Precise algorithms detect the torsional vibrations and provide an exact overview of static twist and shaft line vibrations. The simple and compact concept avoids error prone radio based signal transmission and strain gauges.

Geislinger Power Monitoring is suitable for retrofit to existing propulsion systems as well as newbuilds and provides the Master with a useful tool for extracting economic ship operation. If engine speed is reduced it becomes possible to see the direct influence on engine output, a 20% speed reduction can result in some 45% less engine output which translates directly into fuel savings based on optimised consumption. It also detects increased fuel consumption due to factors such as unfavourable tides and allows the Master to take appropriate countermeasures.

In addition to providing precise power measurement, the Geislinger Power Monitor also monitors the torsional vibration behaviour of the shaft line for an additional safety margin. This is done continuously over the entire length of the line rather than just in one spot. Critical load conditions are detected and an alarm signal is transferred to the ship alarm system, avoiding propulsion system damage and related accidents.

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Anniversary launch for Power Monitoring System

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