Taking safety onboard to the next level

Ultraship has 21 vessels with Sertica implemented Ultraship has 21 vessels with Sertica implemented

Sertica, from software company Logimatic, is a Management System that ensures a high quality and keeps marine operators in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. Logimatic recently announced a new partnership with safety consultancy Green-Jakobsen.

By reporting events such as near-misses and accidents, it becomes possible to improve and assess risks more efficiently in the future. It is, however, of utmost importance that the right safety mindset is implemented.

Erik Green, Owner and Managing Director at Green-Jakobsen, a marine safety consultancy, said: “Shipping companies demand verification, documentation and compliance, but it is not enough to buy a software system. You need to educate and implement the right spirit, a safety mindset you may call it, to ensure that you get the most value of such a system. This is what we, at Green-Jakobsen, are specializing in. We help shipping companies strengthen the safety culture, drive, cultivate and develop human performance and enable the leaders to take the lead and make people follow.”

Safety is key to Danish vessel operator Ultraship, who even use the word ‘safety’ as one of the company’s internal values. They have succeeded in taking safety management to the next level combining Sertica and Safety Delta. The company has 21 vessels with Sertica implemented and more than 500 seafarers with access to the system.

Søren Vest, General Manager and Head of Marine Standards at UltraShip explains, “We have defined a desired safety behaviour with clear expectations and a shared language among our seafarers and office staff. The Integrated Management System is handled in Sertica, which supports all our working processes, both for safety and in general. By using modules such as Inspection, Reporting, Activities and Events, we support the goals set out in our Company Safety Standards.”

Qualitative data is extremely important to UltraShip, which means they enter only relevant data in Sertica. This includes handbooks, manuals, garbage management plans and much more. Søren Vest elaborates: “At UltraShip we have a pretty good idea of what to put in the system. By combining this with the expert knowledge of Green Jakobsen and a flexible system, we have a solid tool that helps us achieve the overall goals of the company.”

By Jake Frith

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