DAME Award nomination for NRG Marine at METS

NRG Marine Soni8 control interface NRG Marine Soni8 control interface

UK-headquartered NRG Marine has launched at METS 2017 Soni8, the company’s first ultrasonic anti-fouling system designed specifically for large commercial vessels and superyachts, and achieved a DAME award nomination.

Environmental legislation covering the use of poisonous metallic biocides in anti-fouling coatings is tightening and marine-based industries are looking for more effective means of preventing unwanted marine growth on their vessels and inside their equipment.

Soni8 is the latest product in the Sonihull range that uses ultrasonic anti-fouling technology to prevent marine organisms colonising solid surfaces that are exposed to raw seawater. Soni8 is born from the commercial marine market’s demand for a cleaner, more cost-effective way to protect multiple areas and devices against marine bio-fouling.

With eight independent and programmable outputs, NRG claims that Soni8 can protect every part of a vessel or structure and, unlike biocidal coatings and impressed-current systems, Soni8 is low cost and low maintenance with zero poisonous environmental legacy. With one panel and eight transducers, NRG says that Soni8 can protect all critical equipment inside and outside the hull.

Equipment protected within the hull includes: sea-chests, tanks, keel-coolers, box-coolers, pipework, intakes and valves. Outside the hull, NRG claims the system protects hulls, structures, shafts, propellers, waterjets, stern drives and steering gear.

Fouling on the hull and propellers can increase fuel consumption by up to 30% and, in raw water pipes, fouling will block cooling systems and cause premature equipment failure.

Since 2006, NRG Marine says it has protected over 15,000 vessels with its Sonihull Ultrasonic Anti-fouling systems, making it the world’s leading ultrasonic anti-fouling specialist. For decades, ultrasound has been used in the food, brewing and hydroponic farming industries to prevent algal blooms and to keep water-handling equipment clean and free from blockages. By focusing the same technology into marine applications, Sonihull says it has become an effective anti-fouling solution.

Soni8 effectively opens the market for large installations, where multiple surfaces and critical equipment can now be protected by one unit.

The system offers a potential network of 256 independently controlled and centrally managed transducers, ideal for large installations or multiple areas of protection.

The transducers are impedance matched, enabling cable lengths to be extended to 80 metres with no loss in performance. This makes Soni8 suitable for modular pre-fabricated constructions.

“We are thrilled to have been nominated for the DAME Awards this year, congratulations to this year’s winners,” said Dominic Findlow, Director of NRG Marine Limited, at the DAME Award ceremony. “We believe that Soni8 is a game-changer for anti-fouling and we look forward to working on promoting our new technology wherever seawater biofouling is a problem.”

“We have experienced a marked expansion in the commercial sector over the last two years,” says Dominic Findlow, Director of NRG Marine Limited. “Market overcapacity is driving owners and operators to reduce running costs, extend maintenance schedules and reduce the amount of work required to mothball and reactivate vessels during downtime.”

“Anti-fouling is usually associated with keeping the outside of the hull clean, to maintain performance and reduce fuel consumption. In commercial vessels and large yachts, operators also have to focus on maintaining the efficiency of critical onboard equipment, like box coolers, keel coolers and their associated sea chests, pipework and valves,” explained Findlow.

“If those clog-up with marine fouling the engine cooling systems will start to fail, water pumps become overloaded and the owner can be faced with some very expensive main and auxiliary engine damage.”

By Jake Frith

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