Castoldi Turbodrive 600 HCT

15 Mar 2017
The 600 HCT will take up to 2700hp input

The 600 HCT will take up to 2700hp input

48 years after Italian water jet manufacturer Castoldi launched the waterjet model Jet 05 which revolutionised the waterjet market, and with more than 40.000 units sold, the manufacturer is proud to introduce the new Turbodrive 600 H.C.T. the largest jet in its range.

The Turbodrive 600 H.C.T., delivers forceful thrust, light weight and reliability thanks to the integrated gearbox with multi-disc hydraulic clutch. The jet also boasts Castoldi’s Clear-Duct unclogging system, B.P.R, protected  shaft housing, inducer and dedicated ACES modular electronic control system.  According to the manufacturer costs are very attractive considering the excellence of the materials used, which include titanium and duplex stainless steel.

The 600mm (inlet diameter) single stage axial jet will take up to 2700hp input (intermittent duty) and up to 2250hp continuous.

The whole unit is protected by a hard anodizing treatment, plating all light-alloy components with 60 microns thickness of aluminum oxide (ceramic), three layers of special paint and cathodic protection by sacrificial anode. The dry weight of the unit is 1650kgs.

By Jake Frith

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