Moteurs Baudouin - a century powering commercial marine

Moteurs Baudouin 6W126M 4 stroke marine diesel engine Moteurs Baudouin 6W126M 4 stroke marine diesel engine

French marine engine manufacturer, Moteurs Baudouin, is renowned for its range of robust, durable and efficient engines and will be represented at this year’s Seawork International by UK and Ireland Distributor Proteum.

In 2018 Baudouin celebrates its 100th anniversary from when Charles Baudouin constructed his first engine for a fishing boat on the shores of the Mediterranean in Marseille. Baudouin’s marine heritage is at the heart of its success - its engines are distinguished by being purpose designed for the marine environment and not derived from an automotive base engine.

Baudouin builds engines to an annual forecast, as opposed to an individual order and consequently its distributors, such as Proteum representing Baudouin in the UK & Ireland, can often meet tight delivery schedules. Proteum’s Business Development Manager, Chris Lambert explains, “Typically we can supply a customer who has a failed engine with a replacement Baudouin engine within a month and sometimes less, painted and rated to the customer’s specification. If the user need is more structured and part of a planned maintenance schedule to replace an engine, we can deliver product within 6 to 8 weeks.”

The M26.2 range of mechanical engines includes six, eight and 12 cylinder versions. These are available at intermittent, continuous and unrestricted ratings with the current range providing power settings at any level between 95kW (130hp) and 1103kW (1500hp). It has a further `W` range of mechanical engines available in four and six cylinder versions.    All ranges of engines comply with the latest environmental standards.

The simplicity of design of the mechanical engines as well their affordability, both in terms of purchase and through life costs, make them ideally suited to fishing vessels, tugs and workboats.    They are easy to access for maintenance with a high level of component standardisation and boast some of the longest service intervals in the marine industry. Spares are also competitively priced.  “An example is a fuel injector, which for a Baudouin mechanical engine is in the region of 300 euros.  This part can cost up to five times that amount from other manufacturers”, says Proteum’s Chris Lambert.

Baudouin also offers a cutting edge range of electronic engines, the M26.3, that comply with the latest IMO III and EPA Tier IV standards and offer unmatched continuous power to weight ratio and noise reduction technology. They deliver superior fuel economy without compromising engine power and are also smaller, lighter and more flexible, reducing costs and space requirements while maximising product reliability. The electronic range power settings range from 331kW (450hp) to 1214kW (1650hp).

As Baudouin embarks on a new century in its history, reliability, durability and clean power continue to be its key focus. With its new and extended product range meeting the most stringent customer requirements and regulatory standards, marine customers around the globe can depend on Baudouin to keep them up and running.

Proteum will be displaying engines from Moteurs Baudouin on stand A65.

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