New propellers for Wisbech tug

11 Jul 2013
The tug Fenlander is benefitting from recently fitted new propellers

The tug Fenlander is benefitting from recently fitted new propellers

In 2011 Clements Engineering carried out a repair to a propeller for the Damen built tug Fenlander, operated by Wisbech Harbour Authority.

The long term plan was to replace the propellers entirely and, having been pleased with the repair, Wisbech returned to Clements for the new propellers.

Fenlander is a 65 tonne, 14.05m Stan 1405 tug that is used for various duties in the busy East Coast Harbour area. The vessel is powered by two Cummins diesel engines rated 300 hp at 1,800rpm driving the propellers fitted in nozzeles.

Clements Engineering has previously worked with the Wisbech team on some of their pilot boats and other vessels. The previous repair has solved the issues with the vessel, which had suffered from a history of bad vibration problems.

James Hodge, engineer for the Wisbech Harbour Authority said: “Our main task is pushing ships around in our two ports and the new props are working unbelievably well. The increase in pushing power is very noticeable, as is the towing ability.

“It may be just me but she feels much more responsive and manoeuvring in confined space is much easier. She's faster, pushing harder and pulling with ease.

“With the help of Clements Engineering we have continued to improve all the vessels we have and the service we provide.

Clements Marine have repair and manufacturing facilities in-house at the Bedfordshire UK, meaning that both manufacture and repairs such as those for Wisbech Harbour Authority can be achieved quickly.

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