PropElements 2017

12 Sep 2017
Screen grab from PropElements 2017

Screen grab from PropElements 2017

HydroComp Inc. has implemented significant new features to HydroComp PropElements 2017, its propeller design and optimization programme.

While built upon the same analytical code-base as an earlier version of PropElements, it is described as ‘a novel program that tackles the component-level hydrodynamic needs of naval architects’. The latest update offers a predictive tool that can handle custom and semi-custom propeller analysis, and allow naval architects (and propeller specialists) to investigate propeller iterations at later design stages. Now, HydroComp PropElements can evaluate a propeller or walk a design much closer to 3D CFD in a shorter time frame and at reduced cost.

HydroComp products and services are used by naval architects, marine engineers, yacht designers & ship builders, owners and operators, academics, propulsion equipment suppliers, governments, and militaries worldwide. HydroComp claims to have served over 700 industry, research, academic, and governmental clients from more than 60 countries.

By Jake Frith