Stern gear package for Dunkirk hero

28 Mar 2014
The Massey Shaw was moored alongside at the London Boat Show and gave several pumping demonstrations

The Massey Shaw was moored alongside at the London Boat Show and gave several pumping demonstrations

Bedfordshire UK based marine propulsion specialists Clements Engineering has been involved in many different types of projects during its 30 year history.

One recent project in particular was somewhat extraordinary and came in the form of the restoration of the historic vessel Massey Shaw.

The Massey Shaw is one of London’s un-sung heroes on the River Thames. Built in 1935, the fireboat served the London Fire Brigade for many years and also took part in the WWII ‘Operation Dynamo’ to rescue soldiers from the beaches at Dunkirk. It ferried 500 men to the warships and bought over 100 men back to England.

During the restoration it was decided that the original propellers were not correct and would need some work to them. Over the years, the blades had been damaged and were not performing well.

David Rogers, Hon. Company Secretary and Director for the Massey Shaw and the Marine Vessels Preservation Society, takes up the story.

“On contacting Clements we were impressed with the recommendations of the company, which advised us on the creation of two new propellers that would meet the power needs of the vessel. Within the agreed time frame and in budget, these items were supplied to our contractors in Gloucester and fitted to the Massey Shaw.

“Once back in the water in London, we have only had a short period to test the propellers but have noticed that they respond well and propel our fireboat along within its original specifications. We look forward to many years use from these items and thank you for your support of our restoration.”

The Massey Shaw proved a great attraction during the London Boat Show in January, where it was moored alongside at the Excel exhibition centre and gave several pumping demonstrations.

Clements Engineering supplied a full stern gear package excluding rudders to the project, working closely the engineering team to ensure the propellers were optimised for the vessel’s use and specification.

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