Gearing up for Seawork

The Goodchild Marine cat ‘St Aidan’ is kitted out with Clements Engineering stern gear The Goodchild Marine cat ‘St Aidan’ is kitted out with Clements Engineering stern gear

One of the vessels on the pontoon at Seawork which was kitted out by UK based stern gear expert, Clements Engineering, was the Goodchild Marine vessel the SB Lynx 1600 ‘St Aidan’.

The Goodchild Marine catamaran vessel is a Fisheries Patrol and Survey Vessel for Northumberland Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NIFCA) built in GRP.

Paul Williams, managing director, Clements Engineering, told Maritime Journal: “Every year the Seawork exhibition provides us with an excellent opportunity to meet with many of our existing customers as well as introduce ourselves and the company to potential customers. Although Clements is sometime presented with the opportunity to be involved in sea trials it is rare for us to see the projects upon completion so it was a delight to be able to see the Goodchild vessel in all its glory at the show. “

The team at Clements Engineering were introduced to the project in the early stages. Goodchild Marine supplied the firm with the speed requirements of the vessel, along with all the necessary information to be able to make the calculations to ensure the correct propellers and stern gear was supplied.

To calculate this, Clements Engineering require the type of vessel, weight, size and dimensions. After the initial calculations, Clements Engineering then recommended the gear box ratio to fit the aperture of propellers and from there was able to design the stern gear.

This boat is the first of a new design of commercial GRP catamarans from Goodchild Marine and has successfully completed commissioning and trails where its stern gear and propeller performed effortlessly to the calculated performance.

St Aidan will now go into service off North Shields in the UK.

By Anne-Marie Causer

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