Workboat Festival success for Damen

Damen's Modular Multi Cats will operate in Canada (Damen) Damen's Modular Multi Cats will operate in Canada (Damen)
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The New Orleans Workboat Festival was the venue recently for signing of an order for two Damen Modular Multi Cats for Canadian principles.

Vessels with a towing capability are not always restricted to what we consider the typical tug in its many forms. Activities including dredging and port construction require support vessels capable of a variety of tasks including towing of dredging pipelines, barges and other items of floating plant.

Generally known as tug/workboats, such vessels often have a pontoon-shaped hull allowing for easier mooring to barges etc and with an offset wheelhouse provide a large working deck. With a trend toward increasingly sophisticated deck equipment specifications including powerful anchor-handling and towing winches, these ‘odd-shaped’ vessels can now be seen engaged in coastal towing delivering various items of plant they will be supporting upon arrival at the project site.

At the smaller end of the range is Damen’s Modular Multi Cat 1205, two of which have been ordered by Canada-based Group Ocean for dredging support vessels on an oil sands project in the north of Canada. Their modular nature, made of standard, container-sized units makes them suitable for easy transportation, a requirement for the intended project situated inland and inaccessible by water.

One of the two Multi Cats was already in stock and delivered less than three months after contract signing with the second under construction at Damen Shipyards Kozle in Poland with delivery scheduled for Q2 2018.

The standard product information from Damen on the Modular Multi Cat 1205 describes it as having a length of 12.75m with a beam of 5.3m and minimum draught 1.3m. Tank capacities are 10m3 of fuel oil and 1m3 of water with performance figures including bollard pull of 4.8t and speed 7kn.

Two 306bkW main engines drive fixed-pitch 770mm Promarin propellers in 785mm Van de Giessen nozzles. Standard deck equipment includes: an HLMR 8-2S hydraulic marine crane, DMT deck winch (7.5t pull at 5m/min) and a single pole towing bitt on the aft deck. Other practical features include: tyre fenders, removable railings, push knees, container deck fittings, supply tanks and nozzles. The Modular Multi Cat has the wheelhouse located aft to port of the centreline.

Tommy Theriault, business development director for Ocean Marine Works and Dredging said: “In addition to the ease with which we can transport these vessels to inaccessible locations quickly and cost-effectively, Damen’s standardized shipbuilding process meant that they already had one of the vessels on stock for extremely fast delivery. It will also allow us more flexibility for future development across Canada.”

By Peter Barker

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