UK based 20KTS+ had plenty to shout about at this Seawork International exhibition with its brand new marine exoskeleton, MARINE MOJO™, which promises to lower whole body vibration exposure by reducing shock by 20%.

The leg protection suit has undergone rigorous testing at the University of Chichester, UK, which has shown that it also increases time to fatigue by three times and demonstrated reduces muscular work by 60%.

Dr Trevor Dobbins, technical director, 20KTS+, told Maritime Journal: “This is brand new technology transfer taken from the sport of downhill skiing and then ‘marinised’ to suit the marine industry. This is the first time that this type of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) has been developed for high speed performance vessels.”

At Seawork, demos of the suit on the stand attracted plenty of interest from the MOD, search & rescue and other sectors.

The PPE device supports EU WBV legislation compliance, the employer's H&S and duty of care requirement and it augments straddle suspension seating.

Weighing in at just 1kg, it is lightweight and easy to put on and take off. It is also size adjustable, is adaptable to professional and commercial footwear and fits over commercial maritime immersion suits.

20KTS+ also used the exhibition to launch its new Dynamic Navigation (DYNAV) training manual, which it provides to other third party training organisations, along with its WBV education and training courses.

Its DYNAV manual tackles navigation in demanding environments and how high-speed operations pose significant challenges to the crew. It is also response to the ever increasing demands on commercial, search & rescue and military vessels to conduct tasks at a quicker more efficient pace.

Dr Dobbins said: “Rather than following other navigational training manuals, this one homes in on the practical aspects of high speed navigation and focuses on the procedures and teamwork rather than the basics of navigation. It puts the emphasis on performance as well as safety.”

He told MJ that because the manual uses CAD based illustrations, it can be personalised to whichever company or institution is using it. 20KTS+ has already had a request for the manual to be translated into Arabic and other languages may follow.

By Anne-Marie Causer