Safety and Survival Systems International (3Si) has unveiled four of its group companies at SMM Hamburg for the first time.

The group companies which comprise Ocean Safety, International Safety Products (ISP), Revere Survival and Typhoon showcased a number of new and existing products and capabilities, including SOLAS immersion suits, drysuits, SOLAS lifejackets and the 3Si Guardian electronic range which made its debut.

For the first time at SMM was the S3i Constant Wear lifejacket, it is designed to sculpt the body for uninhibited upper body movement and comfort.

Designed for easy donning over heavy overalls, it comes in three variations, wipe-clean, nylon and PVC. Its robust characteristics minimise wear and tear to cope with the demanding and extreme conditions met by offshore and wind farm personnel.

Alongside it was the ISPs Challenger Worksafe Pro 300 offers an alternative choice of lifejacket that will meet the demands of tough industrial and commercial maritime environments.

Available as a single chamber 275N, the Challenger Worksafe Pro is constructed of durable but flexible PVC with orange wipe-clean cover. A neoprene anti-abrasion neck aims to further enhance its comfort.

The group offers SOLAS Ship’s Wheel and USCG approved product solutions.

By Alice Mason