Tideland Signal has partnered with GateHouse Maritime to present TSD Nautical Sentry an Aids to Navigation monitoring and control display.

The new system allows users to monitor both AtoNs and vessels.

This new software as a service platform displays information in real time and can be accessed by computers or tablets with internet access. Users can quickly go online to track vessels and AtoNs within their network and create events and reports to better safeguard and monitor their port, harbour, oil rig, or wind farm.

“It has been Tideland Signal’s pleasure to work with the market leader in the provision of AIS based tools, to develop a market leading AIS AtoN and Vessel monitoring web based platform for all markets around the globe”, said Austin Bennett (Product Manager).

“GateHouse Maritime is proud to partner with Tideland Signal in support of their incorporation of new technologies to enhance their world-leading aids to navigation solutions”, said Joel Box (Sales Director)

By Jake Frith