Spanish boatbuilder Aister has just delivered a new aluminium rescue and firefighting boat to the Airport of Mauritius, in Blue Bay.

The vessel tops out at 32 knots thanks to its two 250HP outboard engines, and has been constructed to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards, and designed for rescue in case of air accident, with all that this implies in terms of safety requirements.

The vessel is part of a new range of small boats, with different options of customization, design and development, with a hull length of 10 metres and an overall length of 11 metres. The hull has a rigid contour fender of closed cell polyethylene foam, covered with a polyurethane skin, which gives the fender greater strength. This fender has an evolutionary form that Aister has designed specifically for this boat to the needs of the owner.

The boat has a full running deck with a walk-around cabin and fire fighting equipment, which consists of a diesel pump that serves two monitors, one at the stern and one at the bow. The pump is located in the aft compartment with a capacity of 240m3 per hour (1056GMP). The start-stop system is controlled from the wheelhouse as well as the power control, but the monitors are operated manually. The pump’s pressure and volume mean they can be used individually or simultaneously without affecting the operation.

The location of the pump under the cockpit allows the vessel to present a completely clear deck that facilitates the operation of the crew in both firefighting and rescue of passengers.

The central cabin, with 360-degree visibility thanks to its side windows and roof lights, is surrounded by two exterior side passages that allow passage from bow to stern facing the monitor stations. Eight folding crew seats are located in the stern. The cockpit, with a very wide load capacity, includes two rafts for one hundred passengers.

It’s been a busy season for Aister as the yard had just delivered three new high-speed interceptors at the end of last year. The RAL-1100-ZSF-OPEN vessels were delivered to the Maritime Service of the Spanish Coast Guard (Servicio Marítimo de la Guardia Civil; SEMAR) for their search operations and intervention in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, south coast of the Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

These boats will be used by the provincial maritime services of Almeria, Murcia and the Balearic Islands to carry out surveillance missions and fight against irregular immigration.

The RAL-1100-ZSF-OPEN model developed by Aister is designed and built for high-speed chases, offering its occupants maximum reliability, safety and manoeuvrability.

Aister is a shipyard, located in the Ria de Vigo, Spain specializing in the construction of aluminium boats.

By Jake Frith