German mowing machine manufacturer Berky also develops and manufactures special vehicles and attachments for water maintenance, and has recently launched an amphibious weed harvester that can move on water as well as land.

For Berky it is the first of its kind, which was developed together with a customer and recently delivered. The ‘6925’ is a new product that combines the strengths of an amphibious boat and a weed harvester. It discharges completely autonomously with its chain drives from the lorry and goes directly into the water. The boat can be used for cutting and collecting water plants, trash, woods and other impurities in shallow waters or swampy areas and it also can be used in areas which are not reachable by other floating equipment. In particular, the front U-shaped-double knife and large loading capacity of up to 15 m³ provide effective drainage and compression of the collected material. Berky says that unloading on shore or onto transport boats is possible within 30 seconds thanks to the conveyor belts.

The vessel has a lowering cab to enable passage under low bridges or other obstructions.

“Customized serial production” is the motto of Berky. On request, the amphibious weed harvester 6925 can also be stocked with other special equipment, such as an echo sounder.

Berky claims to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines for water maintenance. The history of the company started with the invention of the three-wheeled, ditch slope mower. The Anton Berkenheger GmbH company was founded in Haren (Ems), Germany in 1964.

By Jake Frith