TCarta Marine of Denver, Colorado and Proteus Geo of Oxford, UK have merged to form a new global mapping company providing bathymetric and marine data sets covering shallow coastal waters and continental shelf zones.

Known as TCarta Marine it will continue to maintain existing bases in Colorado and Oxford for provision of existing products in addition to new ones under development.

Primary markets served include engineering, oil and gas, government and defence with further expansion planned for those concerned with insurance, 3D modelling and aquacuture. Company President Kyle Goodrich says the aim will be to make it easier for the worldwide marine community to obtain and use quality mapping data derived from multispectral satellite imagery, including lower resolution bathymetry for regional planning as well as high resolution seafloor modelling for precise coastal engineering activities. Cheaper than traditional ship and airborne bathymetric technologies, he adds.

The company plans to launch a new bathymetric product line at this year’s three-day April Ocean Business event in Southampton, UK.

By David Goodfellow