Barrus launched Mac Boats’ new range of vessels at Seawork 2017, as it celebrated securing Mac’s UK and Ireland distributor rights and its 100th year of business.

Mac Boats

The 270, 360 and 420 Mac Boats were on display at Seawork

The rotationally moulded polyethylene thermoplastic 270, 360, 420 and 570 Mac Boats are manufactured in New Zealand and measure from 2.6m to 6m.

Ben Allen, general manager of the marine leisure division at Barrus, said: “They provide a very stable and indestructible platform. They have very open deck space and what that allows us to do is offer a bespoke finish for what’s on the deck to suit the customers’ requirements.”

Manufactured using a ‘Gyro Tech’ process that forms a double skin on the vessel, the boats have hulls that have been formed as one piece for minimum maintenance and to eliminate the need for any welds or joins.

They have been designed for rough handling and portable heavy machinery, as well as acting as a rescue, workboat and coastguard vessel.

The boats are believed to have around five times the impact strength of fibreglass with no corrosion risk and are foam filled with polyurethane to level flotation standards.

Mr Allen confirmed the boats can also be used for leisure purposes such as fishing and diving: “There is just as much opportunity in the leisure market as there is in the commercial market.”

Barrus confirmed it has secured a 60-acre site with 250,000 square feet of storage to continue its expansion plans.

By Rebecca Jeffrey