A seventh release of Norwegian BazeField AS'' renewable energy monitoring and control system is due.

Bazefield, is a market leading and vendor independent operation management system that provides tools for real-time monitoring and control, reporting, availability planning, stop and loss analysis and fact-based decision making for wind farms, solar plants and other assets.

The system is in use by clients such as Statoil, Brookfield Renewables, Arise Wind Power, Fred Olsen Renewable, 3E, Outsmart, Gemini, Oklahoma Gas and Electric, Skelleftå Kraft, Pori Energia, Statkraft, Natural Power, Puhuri, WFSO, Taaleritehdas, Blaiken Vind, Artic Wind, among others, servicing more than 7 gigawatt of renewable energy at several hundred assets on a daily basis.

The Bazefield 7 release will include:

* New powerful easy-to-use workspace tools supporting rapid configuration of workspaces and improved layouts both in workspace and reporting

* Major update of the Availability application with extensive support for faster and easier availability management and calculation of KPIs

* Updated report engine and report framework to support new fluent technology and better layouts.

* GADS reporting (for US market)

* Enhancement of generic asset support, further enabling turn-key support and secure rapid and cost effective implementations for both wind and solar assets and interfaces for market leading OEMs

* New performance analysis application

* New forecast module

* Improved functionality, design and user interface in various applications and reports

* Establishment of a web based Bazefield user community

By Jake Frith