A new body heat camera has been launched to help ensure a safe and healthy work environment onboard and ashore during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Alphatron Marine's AlphaFeverCamera measures body temperature. Photo: Alphatron Marine

Alphatron Marine's AlphaFeverCamera is a body temperature measurement camera that is able to measure temperature at a high accuracy in real time, with accuracy up to ±0.5°C.

"As businesses begin to reopen after the COVID-19 crisis, safeguarding employees, customers and facilities is critical," said Alphatron Marine, a subsidiary of JRC.

The AlphaFeverCamera, developed in close collaboration with Alphatron Security and Alphatron Medical, helps organsations identify at-risk individuals before they interact with customers and employees.

With a response time of one second, the camera can capture multiple targets at a time to ensure that everyone is checked. The device is able to immediately notify operators if someone poses a risk.

Using this type of camera, officials can be more discrete, efficient, and effective in identifying individuals that need further screening with virus-specific tests.

The camera is capable of discovering and tracking people with higher than normal body temperature in crowded public areas, and can be used to carry out a first inspection.

A portable version is available for scanning and measuring the body temperature when crew or visitors are boarding a vessel.

By Rebecca Jeffrey