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  • 'Tug Assist Tool' requires the input of eight variables to calculate required bollard pull (

    Bollard pull calculator for marine pilots


    A smartphone app has been launched providing marine pilots with a tool to calculate the number of tugs and power required in different situational and environmental conditions.

  • LankForce rope on a mooring winch

    Rugged rope for tug bollard pull testing


    Italian vessel builder Rosetti Marino has chosen a Lankhorst LankoForce rope for bollard pull testing for its new platform supply vessels (PSV) and anchor handling tugs.

  • The UJ340HT has a similar physical size and weight to the standard UJ340 waterjet

    UltraJet 340HT bulks up the bollard pull


    Ultra Dynamics has released a new waterjet model to its HT (High Thrust) range, the UltraJet 340HT. The new design allows for an engine input power of up to 410 kW (550 bhp).

  • ‘KL Sandefjord’ is one of a new generation of anchor handling tugs.

    ‘KL Sandefjord’ breaks bollard pull record


    Although the massive and fast developing world of offshore operations is usually outside the scope of this regular feature, the recent delivery of the anchorhandling tug supply vessel KL Sandefjord is of special interest.

  • ‘Multratug 3’ is on its delivery voyage to Europe.

    Multraship to get a major boost in bollard pull – by Jack Gaston


    The fleet of towage and salvage specialist Multraship BV will receive a considerable boost in bollard pull with the delivery a brand new Damen ASD Tug 3213.

  • T_and_T_3a.jpg

    'Far Samson' breaks bollard pull records


    Farstad Shipping of Norway has put into service ‘ Far Samson’ , the most powerful offshore vessel in the world in terms of bollard pull.

  • SEPT_Extra_TTS_Resinex.jpg

    Bollard pull buoy is world's largest


    The largest offshore structure in the Mediterranean was recently positioned 12 nautical miles off the Ravenna coast in 25m of water in order to test bollard pull. The zone is a special area equipped for testing the power and efficiency of tugboats.