CGG, the French geophysical services organisation operating worldwide with 7,000 employees, has signed an agreement with GNPC Operating Services Company (GOSCO), a leading Ghanaian offshore services concern, to establish GOSCO Geoscience Ltd (GGSL), a joint venture enterprise for conducting high-end 2D, 3D and 4D seismic operations in the territorial waters of Ghana, which are reputed to contain the sixth largest oil and gas reserves in Africa.

Based in Accra, the new company is to make available CGG’s world-class seismic survey vessels as well as its general services and acquisition technologies, including its latest TopSeis high density offshore broadband facility with an ability to effectively image shallow geological features such as faults, gas pockets and channels. Capacity building within the Ghanaian exploration and production industry at large is also a key company objective.

By David Goodfellow