Day 1 of Seawork Connect’s virtual conference welcomed Neale Ryan, senior Programme Manager at Clean Maritime.

The competition ties in with the Government's 10 point plan

It offers £10 million in funding for feasibility studies in maritime decarbonisation that lay the foundations for future activity. Another £10M has been allocated to more concrete projects, designs and developments to help the overarching aim to achieve net zero by 2050.

Building on the vision set out in the Department for Transport’s Clean maritime plan 2019, the competition has allocated the match-funding to UK innovators to support the design and development of zero emission vessel technologies and greener ports through a series of technology trials and feasibility studies.

This one-year ‘springboard programme’ will lay the foundations for a network of real-world projects, gearing up maritime decarbonisation in the UK and sparking the transition to net zero shipping.

Following an independent assessment, 55 projects won the competition. Supported by private consortia comprising 208 partners from around the UK, these projects were first announced at London International Shipping Week. They represent a total investment of £33.5 million and will be completed by March 2022.

Learn about the 55 winners here

By Jake Frith