Netherlands-based Radio Holland has been appointed by German compass maker Cassens & Plath to conduct Magnetic Compass replacement services, in all countries where Radio Holland holds office. Before, these services were conducted by Cassens & Plath themselves, and forwarded to an appropriate service agent.

Thanks to successful collaborations in the past these services, for Cassens & Plath compass types 11, 12 and 21, are now assigned to Radio Holland exclusively for all the related entities. In combination with the Reflecta, these three compass types make up the largest part of all magnetic compasses sold by Cassens & Plath.

Radio Holland and Cassens & Plath will closely collaborate to monitor and replenish local consignment stocks, and to make sure the involved service personnel upholds the highest possible standards. Obligatory checks on the state of the magnetic compass are recently becoming more frequent in different parts of the world. Also, the magnetic compasses are linked to systems like the autopilot through TMC sensors. If these sensors are not placed or configured correctly, alarms aboard the ship can go off.

German company Cassens & Plathis a manufacturer of high-class precision instruments to safely navigate at high seas and coastal areas. The instruments and systems are used on all kind of commercial vessels, cruise ships, yachts and even on NATO vessels. “Cassens & Plath has been manufacturing high-class precision compasses for over a hundred years, and Radio Holland is happy to be part of this tradition of excellence”, said Global Operations Manager James Newman.

By Jake Frith