German offshore services specialists SeaRenergy and Fichtner have been awarded with the revision and development of all risk assessments for TenneT´s offshore and onshore converter stations, the converter stations being essential elements of the North Sea grid connections.

The purpose of the contract is to identify potential hazards for people, installations or the environment and the prevention of damage. With the target of a consistent improvement in occupational safety and health, all work processes and equipment will be identified and evaluated in order to define measures and continuously check their effectiveness.

SeaRenergy has been working on the completion of Tennet´s grid connections for several years. Starting off with transport and installation of two offshore converter platforms for the general contractor, SeaRenergy has been providing operation support on these platforms since their commissioning in 2015.

Fichtner has been providing project management and engineering solutions for the entire grid connections since 2010 already. Apart from the offshore converter platforms, Fichtner is also well familiar with Tennet´s onshore installations.

SeaRenergy and Fichtner have been working together successfully on different projects already. SeaRenergy, as a leading provider of T&I engineering, offshore marine services, offshore professionals & QHSE contributes experience in installation and operation of offshore platforms, whereas Fichtner, a leading independent firm of consulting engineers is adding their expertise within the field of electrical engineering and construction.

The contract has been signed for a minimum of two years.

By Jake Frith