Corvus Energy will supply lithium ion battery-based energy storage systems (ESS) for five new all-electric ferries.

electric ferry

Corvus Energy batteries will be installed on the five all-electric ferries being built for GVB at Holland Shipyards Group in the Netherlands. Photo: Corvus Energy

Holland Ship Electric selected Corvus Energy to supply air-cooled Corvus Orca Energy ESS for the Ijveer design ferries being built by Holland Shipyard Group, for Amsterdam’s municipal public transport provider, GVB. The ESS will supply electrical power to the all-electric power and propulsion systems on the ferries.

“Corvus Energy is very proud to be selected as supplier for these prestigious projects and to contribute to huge emissions savings in the North Sea Canal,” said Kim Strate Kiegstad, vice president of sales at Corvus Energy.

“We see that the adoption rate for maritime Energy Storage Systems is increasing significantly across the globe – and especially in Europe. In every market, this is a process that needs to mature. Companies such as GVB leading by example will help local shipbuilding and shipowners increase their level of knowledge of the technology and its benefits. We do expect that almost every future newbuild will have some kind of energy efficiency solution included.”

The 41m long ferries will operate on three of the North Sea Canal routes, replacing the current fleet built in the 1930s. GVB aims to make its entire fleet hybrid or fully electric by 2025.

The first new ferry will be ready for use in the summer of 2021. After that, one will be delivered every six months, until 2023.

By Rebecca Jeffrey