UK diesel engine innovator, Cox Powertrain, is entering the final development stages of its revolutionary new diesel outboard engine and to mark this progress has previewed the model at the International Workboat Show.

Now in its pre-production gamma phase, the CXO300 has been developed for professional use, the company claiming it will offer the same durability as an inboard. The final delta version will follow the gamma phase leading to the production unit that will be on sale in 2018.

2016 was a busy year for Cox which saw the company participate in a number of key cross-market exhibitions with its first full size model of the CXO300. They have also doubled in size to facilitate the final stages of development. “In the last eighteen months, Cox has doubled its workforce and taken on additional premises to accommodate the growing team working towards the success of the CXO300,” said Cox Powertrain’s CEO, Tim Routsis. “Next year, as we enter the final stages of development, our workforce is set to further expand to support an intense year of activity ahead of launch right through to production. We are also finalising a strong network of distributors will be announced soon.”

The CXO300 is the highest power density diesel outboard ever developed and the first diesel outboard to be designed specifically for marine applications from the ground up. Combing the innovative opposed piston technology with more conventional leg gear and controls, the company believes the CXO300 has game changing potential for commercial, military and civil applications, offering a significantly reduced weight and package size, compared to conventional inboard diesel.

Cox has brought together highly skilled engineers from Formula 1 racing and premium automotive engine design to develop this completely new concept diesel engine.

At the time of writing Cox had just previewed the motor to great acclaim at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans. Cox displayed a full sized model of the CXO300, which is a revolutionary opposed-piston, diesel outboard designed specifically for professional marine users. Delivering 300hp and weighing only 300kg, it is targeted at commercial, government and military applications, where performance, durability and fuel efficiency are paramount.

Cox Powertrain is led by former Cosworth CEO Tim Routsis who commented, “International Workboat is an important venue for us to showcase our technology to the commercial workboat market. The development of the CXO300 is now entering the final stages of a five year development programme so we are excited at the prospect of introducing this game-changing technology to the market ahead of its launch. We have brought together some of the UK’s foremost experts in engine design to turn this concept into a reality. Owners can be confident that this new diesel outboard is ready for the tough and demanding environment in which it will operate.”

Cox is currently finalising a highly qualified US dealer network, which will be announced early 2017. “It is imperative for us to deliver an engine that is supported by a professional sales and servicing operation throughout the US. For this reason we are working with long-established and trusted businesses that understand the market and are able to offer an exceptional through-life service,” said Cox Powertrain’s Business Development Manager, Joel Reid.

By Jake Frith