Damen Hoisting has been acquired by a Dutch specialist in lifting and hoisting technology.

Damen Hoisting acquisition

Liftal Hijstechniek has acquired Rotterdam-based Damen Hoisting, effective 1 October. Damen Hoisting will be incorporated into Liftal Hijstechniek.

Hans Hirdes, manager of Liftal, said: “Geographically, the takeover of the activities of Damen Hoisting is a nice addition to Liftal Hijstechniek’s current working area. In addition, given the presence and concentration of shipping, offshore, wind and large industry, the Rotterdam region offers sufficient potential to further expand our activities.”

Strategic expansion

For Liftal this is a strategic expansion in the Rotterdam region, for Damen a choice to stay with its core business. Reasons for the sale include market saturation and Damen’s strategic choice to focus more on its core business.

Work already started under existing agreements and contracts will be completed under Damen Hoisting. Work that has not yet started but has already been agreed will be performed by Liftal under the conditions agreed with Damen Hoisting.

Damen Hoisting was established five years ago as a business unit of Damen Anchor & Chain Factory B.V., located on the premises of Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam in Schiedam.

Liftal Hijstechniek has been active in the south-west of the Netherlands and in various European markets in the field of testing and certification of hoisting and lifting equipment for maritime applications, oil/gas/wind energy sectors, industrial markets and the construction sector since 1998. From its Belgian branch, the company covers the connecting regions in Belgium such as Antwerp, the Terneuzen-Ghent canal zone and port areas on the coast.

By Rebecca Jeffrey