Recently Netherlands company DBR signed the contract with Australian waterjet manufacturer Doen to serve the Dutch and Belgium market for the Doen Waterjets.

This axial flow waterjet delivers compact and efficient performance at speeds up to 45+ knots. The design and construction allow to be easily configured to meet BV, DNV, Lloyds, Rina or other marine standards on customer specification. “We are very proud to combine our assembly facilities and knowledge with this high performance waterjet to serve our customers for a total solution, especially for the DJ200 & DJ300 range” Mr Hafkamp of DBR said.

All Doen Pre-Fabricated Intake Waterjets can be supplied in Direct Thrust Arrangement. According to Doen the Integrated Waterjet IWJ method provides the simplest and most cost effective method for installing waterjets into fibreglass vessels.

“We selected DBR based on good recommendations from people in the marine industry, and because of their capabilities for delivering complete jet propulsion packages, consisting of engines, gearboxes and jet drives, into the market. This will give them a big advantage compared to the other jet suppliers.” Mr Stephan Jørgensen from DOEN explained.

By Jake Frith