Maritime Developments (MDL) has completed a SURF decommissioning project off the UK for Helix Robotics Solutions.

The MDL spread onboard the Skandi Acergy

The MDL spread onboard the Skandi Acergy

The work scope covered the retrieval of seven cables, umbilicals, flowlines and jumpers connected to an FPSO in the UK North Sea, using an MDL equipment spread operated by the company’s expert technicians.

The MDL spread comprised of a Second-generation Reel Drive System, TTS-4/140 Series Tensioner and deck deflectors onboard the Skandi Acergy. The spread was used for spooling of the product under tension onto two installation reels, also supplied by MDL.

Paul Marshall, MDL Project Engineer, said: “The challenges on this project revolved around the age and fragility of the products, moving schedules, as well as Covid-related personnel restrictions. We worked closely with the client to optimise the execution of the on-board operations.”

MDL says the two reels are now available for hire, following the subsequent onshore transpooling of the product for disposal.

By Jake Frith