The initial capabilities of the world’s first fully integrated, digital shipping platform have been unveiled.

Maritech’s Sea/ offers charterers, ship owners, operators, traders, analysts and brokers tools that digitise workflows, overcome inefficiencies and support with minimising risk.

Jeff Woyda, chairman of Maritech, said: “We are thrilled to introduce this integrated suite; the first phase of digital tools for trade, in the maritime and offshore markets. The Sea/ platform will empower the shipping industry with the intelligence and capabilities it needs to keep up with increasing industry demands and regulation, and future-proof businesses.

“The platform is cloud-based and combines a deep understanding of shipping and offshore with state-of-the-art digital technology to improve industry standards and mitigate risk.”

Sea/ currently has eight live, interoperable modules – which can be used together or separately.

They include Sea/net, which enables users to gather information and market insight, track vessel positions, manage notifications and detect weather patterns to help inform their decisions.

Also available is Sea/calc, which allows users to perform complex, real-time distance algorithms to understand time and cost efficiencies for their fixtures.

Sea/response is used to coordinate offshore emergency response with extensive commercial, operational, environmental and financial benefits to users; while Sea/futures provides a private dashboard for brokers to share vital live market prices with customers and broader physicals stakeholders.

By Rebecca Jeffrey