PSM has focused on how the latest digital tank gauging technology can assist OSVs and tugs in meeting the increasing requirements for safety and efficiency.

Mark Jones of PSM explained how as tugs and OSVs become more sophisticated in their design they have seen their role at sea expand, with more expectation placed on flexibility and capability.

PSM launched the VMP4310 Integrated Tank Gauging System earlier this year to try and help the needs of smaller vessels who may struggled with the up-front cost of upgrading from the existing mechanical and visual monitoring methods.

The new streamlined system offers an alternative for operators and owners looking to upgrade existing mechanical and visual monitoring systems.

This is needed for the expansion of jobs which the vessels may now be called to assist with, such as offshore lifting operations, rig moves and the relocation of mobile production units. As well as inspection, maintenance and repair for the offshore energy and subsea sectors.

It is supplied as a packaged solution and provides smaller vessel fleets with access to the same level of technology at a reduced cost compared to more complex radar-based inventory systems or transmitters connected to a PLC running custom software.

The VMP4310 is designed to be flexible and provide measurement for a range of fluid types to include fuel, lube oil, water, bilge and ballast levels.

Acquired data is relayed via serial communication to a display which provides real time readings. This display provides operators with an immediate view of all tank measurements.

The monitors are designed to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments at sea. It has also been designed for simple installation which enables fitting to be carried out by local engineers without the need for specialist support, this once again aims to save the owner money and time.

By Alice Mason