Marine Designs - DockMaster pontoons

Marine access solutions for commercial berthing. We design, manufacture and install large pontoons & floating piers for a variety of operators, ranging from ferries to rescue services, port operators and

In 2007 we introduced the award winning DockMaster pontoon range, a heavy duty system capable of providing berthing solutions for vessels up to 20,000 tonnage. DockMaster offers a long life product with excellent stability and wave attenuation performance. Marine Designs Ltd is part of the A&P Group. The patented DockMaster concrete pontoon is licensed to Marine Designs Ltd from Mr S Carr.

Using environmentally friendly Ecocrete concrete products, our DockMaster range are the ultimate in durable, sustainable pontoon systems. Add to this the flexibility of the Marine Designs manufacturing process and you can see why we’re one of the leading commercial pontoon producers.

Brow Access and Bridge Access

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