Stem Marine

Founded in 1986 by Ezio Menna, STEM Marine is a rescue boat manufacturer company.

It produces a large range of high technology boats for emergency and work purposes fitted for special needs since 1998.

STEM success is based on innovation, specialized design and quality of each single detail, made exclusive by several international patents.

The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified and its turnover is constantly growing.

The quality of its customer and after sales service, both direct and through dealers, has helped to make STEM a world leader, present in more than 38 countries, with a medium-term development program in new markets all over the world.

Besides to produce rescue, patrol and firefighting boats, with different dimensions and arrangements. STEM Marine has devised MAST15 (, a shock-absorbing support for nautical-use stretchers, with self-adjusting hydro pneumatic suspension based on the patient's weight. Particularly recommended for high-speed boats, it can absorb shocks due to the impact with the waves with values up to 10 g.

The last news is STEM 12 Ambulance (, a high performance multi-functional boat for rescue, firefighting a

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